[Application of femtosecond laser in corneal refractive surgery].


The function of photo-decomposing of femtosecond laser makes it useful in creating precise "cuts" at arbitrary locations within the corneal of almost any conceivable geometry. The applications of femtosecond laser include intrastromal photorefractive keratectomy, creating the pre-cut channels for intra-corneal ring segment, creating lamellar flaps for laser… (More)


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@article{Yu2006ApplicationOF, title={[Application of femtosecond laser in corneal refractive surgery].}, author={Wen-juan Yu and Cheng Wang and Qiu-Shi Ren and Wan-Rong Li}, journal={[Zhonghua yan ke za zhi] Chinese journal of ophthalmology}, year={2006}, volume={42 9}, pages={862-4} }