Application of f-lacunary statistical convergence to approximation theorems

  title={Application of f-lacunary statistical convergence to approximation theorems},
  author={Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj and Shweta Dhawan},
  journal={Journal of Inequalities and Applications},
The concept of f-lacunary statistical convergence which is, in fact, a generalization of lacunary statistical convergence, has been introduced recently by Bhardwaj and Dhawan (Abstr. Appl. Anal. 2016:9365037, 2016). The main object of this paper is to prove Korovkin type approximation theorems using the notion of f-lacunary statistical convergence. A relationship between the newly established Korovkin type approximation theorems via f-lacunary statistical convergence, the classical Korovkin… 
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