Application of endoscopic techniques in orbital blowout fractures.


Minimally invasive surgical techniques, particularly endoscopic techniques, have revolutionized otolaryngeal surgery. Endoscopic techniques have been gradually applied in orbital surgery through the sinus inferomedial to the orbit and the orbital subperiosteal space. Endoscopic techniques help surgeons observe fractures and soft tissue of the posterior orbit to precisely place implants and protect vital structures through accurate, safe, and minimally invasive approaches. We reviewed the development of endoscopic techniques, the composition of endoscopic systems for orbital surgery, and the problems and developmental prospects of endoscopic techniques for simple orbital wall fracture repair.

DOI: 10.1007/s11684-013-0271-5

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@article{Zhang2013ApplicationOE, title={Application of endoscopic techniques in orbital blowout fractures.}, author={Shu Zhang and Yinwei Li and Xian-qun Fan}, journal={Frontiers of medicine}, year={2013}, volume={7 3}, pages={328-32} }