Application of adipose-derived stem cells in critical limb ischemia.

  title={Application of adipose-derived stem cells in critical limb ischemia.},
  author={Kangkang Zhi and Zhiwei. Gao and Jun Hai Bai and Yongfa Wu and Sili Zhou and Maoquan Li and Le-feng Qu},
  journal={Frontiers in bioscience},
Peripheral artery disease is growing in global prevalence. Its most severe form, critical limb ischemia (CLI), is associated with high rates of limb loss, morbidity, and mortality. Neovascularization is the cornerstone of limb preservation in CLI. In the field of regenerative medicine, basic research and preclinical studies have been conducted using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from adult tissues, including bone marrow and adipose tissue, to overcome clinical shortcomings. Adipose-derived stem… CONTINUE READING


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