Application of Rice Husk Charcoal on Remediation of Acid Soil

  title={Application of Rice Husk Charcoal on Remediation of Acid Soil},
  author={Chuan Chi Chien and Ying Huang and Jy Gau Sah and Wen jie Cheng and Ru Chang and Yueh Shih Lu},
About 1 million tons of waste rice husk are generated in Taiwan each year. Rice husk has high concentrations of nutrients, such as silicon and potassium. However, it is not decomposed easily because it contains over 70% of cellulose and lignin and hence it is not suitable to be added into soil. In this study, a large quantity of rice husk is carbonized by vertical type continuous carbonization furnace without the presence of oxygen. After it is carbonized, it becomes rice husk charcoal (RHC… CONTINUE READING