Application of Neural Networks Optimized by Genetic Algorithms to Higgs Boson Search

  title={Application of Neural Networks Optimized by Genetic Algorithms to Higgs Boson Search},
  author={Frantisek Hakl and Marek Hlav{\'a}cek and Roman Kalous},
  booktitle={International Conference on Computational Science},
This paper describe an application of a neural network approach to SM (standard model) and MSSM (minimal supersymetry standard model) Higgs search in the associated production ttH with H ? bb. This decay channel is considered as a discovery channel for Higgs scenarios for Higgs boson masses in the range 80 - 130 GeV. Neural network model with a special type of data flow is used to separate ttjj background from H ? bb events. Used neural network combine together a classical neural network… CONTINUE READING


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