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Application of Munk's abyssal recipes to tracer distributions in the deep waters of the South Banda basin

  title={Application of Munk's abyssal recipes to tracer distributions in the deep waters of the South Banda basin},
  author={H. M. Aken and J. Aleido and V. Bennekom},
RÉSUMÉ Hendrik M. VAN AKEN, Aleido J. VAN BENNEKOM, Wim G. MOOK and HenkPOSTMA Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, P.O: Box 59, 1790 AB Den Burg, The Netherlands. Received 5/01/90, in revised form 3/07/90, accepted 8/11/90. The vertical structures of distribution of potential temperature, oxygen, orthophosphate, dissolved silica and 14C in the South Banda basin (East lndonesia) have been studied quantitatively by means of a simple one-dimensional model as reviewed by Munk (1966). The… 
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