Application of Multi-core Parallel Programming to a Combination of Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic Algorithm

  title={Application of Multi-core Parallel Programming to a Combination of Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic Algorithm},
  author={Rishita Kalyani},
This Paper will deal with a combination of Ant Colony and Genetic Programming Algorithm to optimize Travelling Salesmen problem (NP-Hard). However, the complexity of the algorithm requires considerable computational time and resources. Parallel implementation can reduce the computational time. In this paper, emphasis in the parallelizing section is given to Multi-core architecture and Multi-Processor Systems which is developed and used almost everywhere today and hence, multi-core… Expand
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A forage harvester includes four multiple-bladed rotary cutting segments positioned near a shearbar, each including a permanent magnet and a sensing coil to monitor only selected one or ones of the cutting segments. Expand