Application of Leuconostoc carnosum for biopreservation of cooked meat products.

  title={Application of Leuconostoc carnosum for biopreservation of cooked meat products.},
  author={Tomas Jacobsen and Birgitte Bj\orn Budde and Anette Granly Koch},
  journal={Journal of applied microbiology},
  volume={95 2},
AIMS To optimize the practical use of the bacteriocin producing Leuconostoc carnosum 4010 in order to inhibit the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in sliced meat products. METHODS AND RESULTS Four different methods for biopreservation using the partially purified bacteriocin or the living culture of Leuc. carnosum 4010 were evaluated. The methods using the living protective culture added to the sliced gas packed meat product were more effective in preventing growth of L. monocytogenes than… CONTINUE READING
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