Application of Fenton oxidation to cosmetic wastewaters treatment.

  title={Application of Fenton oxidation to cosmetic wastewaters treatment.},
  author={Pablo Bautista and Angel F. Mohedano and Miguel A Gilarranz and J. Alberto Casas and Juan Jes{\'u}s Rodr{\'i}guez},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={143 1-2},
The removal of organic matter (TOC and COD) from a cosmetic wastewater by Fenton oxidation treatment has been evaluated. The operating conditions (temperature as well as ferrous ion and hydrogen peroxide dosage) have been optimized. Working at an initial pH equal to 3.0, a Fe(2+) concentration of 200 mg/L and a H(2)O(2) concentration to COD initial weight ratio corresponding to the theoretical stoichiometric value (2.12), a TOC conversion higher than 45% at 25 degrees C and 60% at 50 degrees C… CONTINUE READING

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