Application of Drone in Agriculture

  title={Application of Drone in Agriculture},
  author={S. Ahirwar and Raghunandan Swarnkar and S. Bhukya and G. Namwade},
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The world population has increases day by day and projected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, so the expert expect that the agricultural consumption will also increase in the same time period. In order to feed this larger, more urban and richer population, food production (net of food used for biofuels) must increase by 70 percent. Annual cereal production will need to rise to about 3 billion tonnes from 2.1 billion today and annual meat production will need to rise by over 200 million tonnes… 
Training Need of MPKV Ph.D. Students towards Application of Drone Technology in Agriculture
Agriculture is the crucial sector of the Indian economy, predominantly because the majority (64.2%) of the rural population of India is dependent on it. The world population has increases day by day
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Corresponding Author: Artika Farhana Department of Computer Science, Jizan University, Saudi Arabia Email: Abstract: Agriculture sector contributing a significant share in World
Using Remote Sensing and an Unmanned Aerial System for Weed Management in Agricultural Crops: A Review
This review provides an overview of the potential and practical use of unmanned aerial vehicle and remote sensing techniques in weed management practices and discusses how they overcome future challenges.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Multispectral Remote Sensing for Commercially Important Aromatic Crops in India for Its Efficient Monitoring and Management
Aromatic plants cultivation, processing and marketing is an upcoming agro-industry. The yields from these plants are generally governed by its good management practices of timely, suitable and
AgriFusion: An Architecture for IoT and Emerging Technologies Based on a Precision Agriculture Survey
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The study investigated smart agripreneurship and farm yield in Nigeria. Survey research design was adopted and both stratified and simple random sampling methods were adopted. Duly registered
Spatio-temporal analysis of chickpea crop in arid environment by comparing high-resolution UAV image and LANDSAT imagery
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Farmer-herder conflict in Nigeria mainly involves disputes over land between agrarian communities and nomadic Fulani herdsmen resulting to loss of farmlands and crops, which consequently affects the
Architecture for Interactive Internet of Things to Estimate Optimal Mean Temperature with Multiphase in Crop Insurance Payout System
  • K. P. ManganiR. Kousalya
  • Computer Science
    2019 Third International conference on I-SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) (I-SMAC)
  • 2019
The proposed model MWTCBKNN-PAYRULE (Multiphase Weighted Temperature Class based K-nearest neighbor) for effective classification of temperature zones based on optimal mean temperature and the mean rise in temperature with respect to threshold factors is proposed.


Application of Drone in Agriculture
The world population has increases day by day and projected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, so the expert expect that the agricultural consumption will also increase in the same time period. In ne-laws-by-country/india-drone-laws/ How to cite
  • Application of Drone in Agriculture. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci
  • 2019