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Application of Data Mining Techniques for Customer Segmentation in Real Time Business Intelligence

  title={Application of Data Mining Techniques for Customer Segmentation in Real Time Business Intelligence},
  author={Mrs. Pradnya Muley and Anniruddha Joshi},
Data Mining is an analytic process designed to explore data in search of consistent patterns and/or systematic relationships between variables, and then to validate the findings by applying the detected patterns to new subsets of data. The ultimate goal of data mining is prediction and predictive data mining is the most common type of data mining and one that has the most direct business applications. Customer segmentation is a core process for assisting an marketing strategy. Huge amount of… 
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Segmenting Users of an Online Store Using Data Mining Techniques

One of the most widespread analysis process is adopted and applied as a case study to a small business consisted of an online store and it is found that it permits the segmentation of customers depending on certain criteria.


The results showed that both K-prototypes and HAC yield similar results proving that clusters mostly divided appropriately, however, there are a few significant points that are different at both algorithms’ results, which should be examined in further study.

Association Rule Mining -Various Ways: A Comprehensive Study

The paper offers a comparative study of distinct association rule mining methods and presents theoretical survey offew existing algorithms like genetic, fuzzy, rough and etc.

A Weather Forecasting Model using the Data Mining Technique

The proposed data model incorporates the Hidden Markov Model for prediction and for extraction of the weather condition observations the K-means clustering is used and the performance of the proposed technique is found enhanced as compared to available ID3 based technique.

A Vote Share based Enhance Hybrid Classifier for Heart Disease Prediction

The proposed classification technique improves the performance of traditional classification algorithms by vote share based technique and is adoptable and efficient for machine learning and prediction applications where the accuracy is the key factor to achieve.

Social network comment classification using fuzzy based classifier technique

A new method using the fuzzy concept is proposed and implemented and shows the effectiveness of the proposed classification technique and able to produce the more accurate results as compared to traditional classifiers.

Phishing Detection Using ML Based URL Classification

The proposed phishing URLs as well as legitimate URLs are considered for designing the data model for classification task and the proposed model is able to recognize the 76.2% accurate classification with minimal resource consumption.

A Firefly based improved clustering algorithm

An improved clustering algorithm with the help of k-means algorithm and the firefly algorithm is proposed, which provides ease in the centroid selection and the efficient and accurate data modeling and promises to reduce the processing time of the algorithm.



Data mining : Techniques for Enhancing Customer Relationship Management in Banking and Retail Industries

A critique of the concept of Data mining and Customer Relationship Management in organized Banking and Retail industries is provided; standard tasks involved in data mining are discussed; various data mining applications in different sectors are evaluated.

Segmentation modeling algorithm: a novel algorithm in data mining

A new algorithm is presented which can be used to build time-dependent customer behavior models and has the potential to solve the optimization problem in data segmentation.

An introduction to data mining and other techniques for advanced analytics

The role of contact optimization is highlighted, as a method for optimizing the business value that a company can achieve from its DM activities.

3DM: Domain-oriented Data-driven Data Mining

A domain-oriented data-driven data mining (3DM) model based on a conceptual data mining model is proposed and some data- driven data mining algorithms are also proposed to show the validity of this model, e.g., the data- Driven default rule generation algorithm,Data-driven decision tree pre-pruning algorithm and data-linked knowledge acquisition from concept lattice.

Mining the Banking Customer Behavior Using Clustering and Association Rules Methods

This study presents a new two-stage frame-work of customer behavior analysis that integrated a K-means algorithm and Apriori association rule inducer to characterize the groups of customers by creating customer profiles.

iCARE: A framework for big data-based banking customer analytics

The Intelligent Customer Analytics for Recognition and Exploration (iCARE) framework is presented to analyze banking customer behaviors from banking big data, through analytical modeling methodologies and techniques designed for a key business scenario.

A Hybrid Segmentation Approach for Customer Value

Customer value issue is an important part of CRM. There are several methods to find customer value. This paper proposes a new segmentation method based on data mining and most commonly used CRM


There is a gap in literature that clearly examines how the banking industry is leveraging the potentials of Big Data and challenges being encountered, so this study seeks to fill the gap by investigating, at a more granular level, how the Banking industry is using and managing Big Data.

Introduction to Domain Driven Data Mining

This chapter briefs the main reasons, ideas and open issues of developing Domain Driven Data Mining (D3M for short).

Data mining: past, present and future

  • Frans Coenen
  • Computer Science
    The Knowledge Engineering Review
  • 2011
A brief review of the history of data mining, up to the present day, and some insights into future directions is presented.