Application of DNA fingerprints for cell-line individualization.

  title={Application of DNA fingerprints for cell-line individualization.},
  author={Dennis A. Gilbert and Yvonne A. Reid and Mitchell H. Gail and David Y Pee and Clifton White and Rod J. Hay and Stephen J. O'Brien},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={47 3},
DNA fingerprints of 46 human cell lines were derived using minisatellite probes for hypervariable genetic loci. The incidence of 121 HaeIII DNA fragments among 33 cell lines derived from unrelated individuals was used to estimate allelic and genotypic frequencies for each fragment and for composite individual DNA fingerprints. We present a quantitative estimate of the extent of genetic difference between individuals, an estimate based on the percentage of restriction fragments at which they… CONTINUE READING

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