Application of Controllable Reactor in Suppressing the Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker under Hα Control Strategy

  title={Application of Controllable Reactor in Suppressing the Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker under Hα Control Strategy},
  author={L. X. Zhou and Z. D. Yin and J. R. Lin and F. X. Hu},
  journal={2006 International Conference on Power System Technology},
Voltage fluctuation and flicker are mainly caused by surge load with large capacity, which may lead to the unstable operation of the motor, the poor characteristics of electrical equipments and the mis-operation of the electronic device even damage etc. Traditional SVC can adjust the reactive power ideally to maintain the system voltage of the connection point and play an excellent role in suppressing the voltage fluctuation and flicker. The minor defect is that it can not be directly applied… CONTINUE READING


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