Application of AFLP® technology to radiation hybrid mapping

  title={Application of AFLP® technology to radiation hybrid mapping},
  author={Chiara Gorni and Giulietta Minozzi and Henri C. M. Heuven and Riccardo Negrini and Alessio Valentini and Michiel J. T. van Eijk and Dave Waddington and Marcel A. G. Zevenbergen and Paolo Ajmone Marsan and Johan D. Peleman},
  journal={Chromosome Research},
We have investigated the use of AFLP® technology as a tool for the high throughput enrichment of Radiation Hybrid (RH) maps. The 3000 rad TM112 bovine RH panel was assayed with 37 EcoRI/TaqI AFLP primer combinations. The number of selective nucleotides used during PCR was increased to seven, to reduce the complexity of the AFLP profile and minimise the overlap between hamster and bovine bands co-amplified from hybrid cell clones. Seven-hundred-forty-seven bovine AFLP bands were amplified that… CONTINUE READING