Application-Specific Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Design

  title={Application-Specific Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Design},
  author={Dilek Demirbas and Ismail Akturk and {\"O}zcan {\"O}zturk and Ugur G{\"u}d{\"u}kbay},
  journal={Comput. J.},
As a result of increasing communication demands, application-specific and scalable Network-onChips (NoCs) have emerged to connect processing cores and subsystems in Multiprocessor Systemon-Chips. A challenge in application-specific NoC design is to find the right balance among different tradeoffs, such as communication latency, power consumption and chip area. We propose a novel approach that generates latency-aware heterogeneous NoC topology. Experimental results show that our approach… CONTINUE READING
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