Appendix: On Edge-Isoperimetric Theorems for Uniform Hypergraphs


Denote by Ω = {1, . . . , n} an n–element set. For all A,B ∈ Ωk ) , the k–element subsets of Ω, define the relation ∼ as follows: A ∼ B iff A and B have a common shadow, i.e. there is a C ∈ ( Ω k−1 ) with C ⊂ A and C ⊂ B. For fixed integer α, our goal is to find a family A of k–subsets with size α, having as many as possible ∼ –relations for all pairs of its elements. For k = 2 this was achieved by Ahlswede and Katona [2] many years ago. However,

DOI: 10.1007/11889342_63

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