Appearance Self-Attitudes of African American and European American Women: Media Comparisons and Internalization of Beauty Ideals123

  title={Appearance Self-Attitudes of African American and European American Women: Media Comparisons and Internalization of Beauty Ideals123},
  author={Deana L. Jefferson and Jayne E. Stake},
  journal={Psychology of Women Quarterly},
  pages={396 - 409}
African American (AA) women have reported less body image disturbance than European American (EA) women, but questions remain about the nature and extent of this difference. This study examined differences in the body image of 80 AA women and 89 EA women with an improved methodology that controlled for body size, distinguished between satisfaction with and importance of body features, and included nonweight (e.g., hair texture, skin color) as well as weight-related features. Results provide… 

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