Appalachia Has Got Talent, But Why Does It Flow Away? A Study on the Determinants of Brain Drain From Rural USA

  title={Appalachia Has Got Talent, But Why Does It Flow Away? A Study on the Determinants of Brain Drain From Rural USA},
  author={Caryn Marie Vazzana and Jeta Rudi‐Polloshka},
  journal={Economic Development Quarterly},
  pages={220 - 233}
This study contributes to the understanding of factors that affect brain drain from Central Appalachia. Using empirical methods, the authors analyze a unique data set from a survey of Appalachian students studying at a higher education institution located in Central Appalachia. A higher perceived likelihood of finding an interesting job with attributes such as a good salary and advancement opportunities, is by far the most important factor influencing students’ intentions to stay in Appalachia… Expand

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