Aportaciones al estudio de la alianza Trachynion distachyae Rivas-Martínez 1978 en el sector Subbético (Andalucía-España)

  title={Aportaciones al estudio de la alianza Trachynion distachyae Rivas-Mart{\'i}nez 1978 en el sector Subb{\'e}tico (Andaluc{\'i}a-Espa{\~n}a)},
  author={Juan A. Torres and Antonio Garc{\'i}a-Fuentes and Carlos Salazar and Eusebio Cano},
Torres, J. A., Garcia-Fuentes, A., Salazar, C. & Cano, E. Contribution to the study of the alliance Trachynion distachyae Rivas-Martinez 1978 in the Subbaetic sector (Andalusia, Spain). Lazaroa 21: 19-23 (2001). We have carried out a study on short pioneer xerophilous therophytic grasslands that colonise calcareous, non-nitrified soils that are poor in organic matter in the Subbaetic sector (Baetic subprovince); they belong to the phytosociological alliance Trachynion dystachiae. We propose a… 
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