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Aportaciones al conocimiento de la flora alóctona ornamental presente en ríos de la provincia de Jaén (S. España)

  title={Aportaciones al conocimiento de la flora al{\'o}ctona ornamental presente en r{\'i}os de la provincia de Ja{\'e}n (S. Espa{\~n}a)},
  author={Juan Martos Quesada and Francisco Valle and Carlos Salazar},
The study on the riparian vegetation of four representative hydrographic basins of Jaen province (southeastern Spain) reveals the existence of several alien plants developing in fluvial environments. Chorologic and ecologic data of the ornamental species that have been recorded are provided. A total amount of 22 taxa have been found, 11 of them being known as invasive or potentially invasive species. This information must be taken into account in order to carry out a suitable management of… 
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