Apoptotic Sphingolipid Ceramide in Cancer Therapy

  title={Apoptotic Sphingolipid Ceramide in Cancer Therapy},
  author={Wei-Ching Huang and Chia-Ling Chen and Y S Lin and Chiou-Feng Lin},
  booktitle={Journal of lipids},
Apoptosis, also called programmed cell death, is physiologically and pathologically involved in cellular homeostasis. Escape of apoptotic signaling is a critical strategy commonly used for cancer tumorigenesis. Ceramide, a derivative of sphingolipid breakdown products, acts as second messenger for multiple extracellular stimuli including growth factors, chemical agents, and environmental stresses, such as hypoxia, and heat stress as well as irradiation. Also, ceramide acts as tumor-suppressor… CONTINUE READING


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