Apoptosis is restricted to the thalamus in thiamine-deficient rats.

  title={Apoptosis is restricted to the thalamus in thiamine-deficient rats.},
  author={Kazuaki Matsushima and J. P. Macmanus and Antoine M. Hakim},
  volume={8 4},
Thiamine deficiency (TD) produces lesions in the thalamus, mamillary and medial geniculate nuclei, and inferior colliculus. To clarify the pathogenesis of these lesions, we examined the occurrence of hallmarks of apoptosis following TD in rat brain. Histological assessment showed apoptotic cells in the thalamus and medial geniculate nucleus but not in the inferior colliculus. We used terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated deoxyuridine (dUPT)-biotin nick-end labelling (TUNEL) and gel… CONTINUE READING
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