Apoptosis in the in Vivo Mammalian Forebrain

  title={Apoptosis in the in Vivo Mammalian Forebrain},
  author={K. Dikranian and M. Ishimaru and T. Tenkova and J. Labruyere and J. Olney},
  journal={Neurobiology of Disease},
  • K. Dikranian, M. Ishimaru, +2 authors J. Olney
  • Published 2001
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Neurobiology of Disease
  • Apoptosis is a word originally introduced by Kerr, Wyllie, and colleagues for a cell death process they defined in terms of its ultrastructural appearance in nonneuronal cells from various tissues. There are very few studies providing detailed ultrastructural criteria for recognizing neuronal apoptosis in the in vivo mammalian brain. In the absence of such criteria, the Kerr/Wyllie description pertaining to nonneuronal cells has served as a reference standard. However, contemporary… CONTINUE READING
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