Apomorphine treatment in Alzheimer mice promoting amyloid-β degradation.

  title={Apomorphine treatment in Alzheimer mice promoting amyloid-β degradation.},
  author={Eri Himeno and Yasumasa Ohyagi and Linqing Ma and Norimichi Nakamura and Katsue Miyoshi and Nobutaka Sakae and Kyoko Motomura and Naoko Soejima and Ryo Yamasaki and Tetsuya Hashimoto and Takeshi Tabira and Frank M Laferla and Jun-ichi Kira},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={69 2},
OBJECTIVE Intracellular amyloid β-protein (Aβ) contributes to neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease (AD). Apomorphine (APO) is a dopamine receptor agonist for Parkinson disease and also protects against oxidative stress. Efficacy of APO for an AD mouse model and effects of APO on cell cultures are studied. METHODS The triple transgenic AD mouse model (3xTg-AD) has 2 familial AD-related gene mutations (APP(KM670/671NL) /PS1(M146V)) and a tau gene mutation (Tau(P301L)). Six-month-old 3xTg-AD… CONTINUE READING
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