Apomixis: Molecular Strategies for the Generation of Genetically Identical Seeds without Fertilization.

  title={Apomixis: Molecular Strategies for the Generation of Genetically Identical Seeds without Fertilization.},
  author={Anna M G Koltunow and Ross A. Bicknell and Abdul M. Chaudhury},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={108 4},
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants (angiosperms) generates genetically diverse progeny because of the recombination and independent assortment of genes derived from both parents. For commercial agriculture, plants have been selected from the plethora of evolved flowering plant species, and wild species continue to be used as sources of genes in breeding and molecular crop improvement programs. Although we seek and value the diversity in the mixis. The purpose of this review is to briefly… CONTINUE READING


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