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Apologie Pour Tous Les Grands Personnages Qui Ont Este Faussement Soupconnez de Magie

  title={Apologie Pour Tous Les Grands Personnages Qui Ont Este Faussement Soupconnez de Magie},
  author={G. Naud{\'e}},
Wolfgang R. von Kempelen, Le Mécanisme de la Parole, Suivi de la Description d’une Machine Parlante. Vienne, ed. Bauer, 1791
This book discussion will illustrate von Kempelen’s work, along with the attempts, across history, to build talking devices, and highlight the 2 paths that have been followed over the centuries: “vocal transport” and “artificial voice". Expand
Legitimität der arcana imperii und des Diskurses
Blaise Pascals beruhmte Aussage modifizierend, liese sich ein Teil der Politik des 17. Jahrhunderts unter das Motto fassen: „Le Prince a ses raisons, que ses sujets ne connaissent point“.
Giordano Bruno and the heresy of many worlds
By examining neglected treatises on theology, heresies and Catholic canon law, it is shown that Giordano Bruno's belief in many worlds was formally heretical. Expand
Telesio Among the Novatores: Telesio’s Reception in the Seventeenth Century
Bernardino Telesio was an important figure in Italian thought at the end of the sixteenth century, and his philosophy was thought to provide a genuine alternative to the Aristotelian naturalExpand
The Default Art of Classifying the Occult
2016 Introduction In browsing stacks organized by Library of Congress Classification it is not entirely uncommon to discover oneself drifting into surprising neighborhoods. Perhaps one of the mostExpand
Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture
Introduction: hic sunt dracones 1. The history of truth: recovering ancient wisdom 2. The history of error: exorcizing Paganism 3. The error of history: imagining the Occult 4. The truth of history:Expand
I show that historical interpretation and appropriation played a crucial role in the Mesmer controversy. In writing histories of animal magnetism, physicians would develop the central argumentsExpand