Apolipoprotein localization and quantitation in the human intestine.

  title={Apolipoprotein localization and quantitation in the human intestine.},
  author={Peter H. R. Green and Jay H. Lefkowitch and Robert M Glickman and James Whitcomb Riley and Elaine Quinet and Conrad B. Blum},
  volume={83 6},
Apolipoproteins B, A-I, and A-IV were localized in human intestinal epithelium using immunoperoxidase techniques. Staining was most obvious in villus tip cells. Lipid absorption resulted in an increase in intraepithelial staining for each apoprotein. The pattern for apo-B in the biopsy specimens taken after lipid absorption revealed a marked redistribution of staining to the intercellular spaces and an increase in the supranuclear staining of apo-A-I and apo-A-IV. After lipid absorption… CONTINUE READING

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