Apolipoprotein AI prevents regulatory to follicular helper T cell switching during atherosclerosis

  title={Apolipoprotein AI prevents regulatory to follicular helper T cell switching during atherosclerosis},
  author={Dalia E. Gaddis and Lindsey E Padgett and Runpei Wu and Chantel C. McSkimming and Veronica Romines and Angela M Taylor and Coleen A. McNamara and Mitchell Kronenberg and Shane Crotty and Michael J. K. Thomas and Mary G. Sorci-Thomas and Catherine C Hedrick},
  booktitle={Nature Communications},
Regulatory T (Treg) cells contribute to the anti-inflammatory response during atherogenesis. Here we show that during atherogenesis Treg cells lose Foxp3 expression and their immunosuppressive function, leading to the conversion of a fraction of these cells into T follicular helper (Tfh) cells. We show that Tfh cells are pro-atherogenic and that their depletion reduces atherosclerosis. Mechanistically, the conversion of Treg cells to Tfh cells correlates with reduced expression of IL-2Rα and… CONTINUE READING
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