Apocrine carcinoma of the breast. A morphologic and immunocytochemical study.

  title={Apocrine carcinoma of the breast. A morphologic and immunocytochemical study.},
  author={Vincenzo Eusebi and Rosemary R. Millis and Maria Grazia Cattani and Gianni Bussolati and J G Azzopardi},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={123 3},
The mode of recognition and hence the frequency of apocrine differentiation in breast carcinomas, assessed on purely morphologic grounds, remains uncertain. One hundred consecutive cases of breast carcinoma were studied in order to establish the incidence of this type of tumor. With the use of an immunocytochemical method for the detection of GCDFP-15, a protein present in apocrine epithelium and in the fluid of tension cyst of the breast, the presence of apocrine differentiation was confirmed… CONTINUE READING

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A Rare Case of Invasive Apocrine Carcinoma of the Breast with Unusual Radiologic Findings

Iranian journal of radiology : a quarterly journal published by the Iranian Radiological Society • 2016

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