Apocalypse Memes for the Anthropocene God:

  title={Apocalypse Memes for the Anthropocene God:},
  author={Bogna M. Konior},
‘Who is /ourguy/?’: Tracing panoramic memes to study the collectivity of 4chan/pol/
This article explores how Internet memes can be traced as nodal points for the study of online groups. Such ‘meme tracing’ is specifically pertinent to the study of anonymous imageboards like 4chan,
Recombinant Revelations: 2012 in Millenarian and New Age Cyber-Apocalypticism
This article investigates apocalyptic spirituality in the contemporary globalized context of re-emerging religiousness and New Age spirituality, in which millennial calendrical anxieties, a
Postmodern Cultural Images of Josip Broz
The article deals with internet memes related to the person of the socialist leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. For purposes of our research, we define internet meme as conventionalized
Wailing from the heights of velleity: A strong case for antinatalism in these trying times
The twenty-first century is teeming with larger-than-life threats to our larger-than-life existence, such as famine, war, natural disasters and climate change, viruses, incurable disease, etc. At
A Meditation on the Post-digital and Post-internet Condition: Screen Culture, Digitalization, and Networked Art
This chapter attempts to provide a broad understanding of post-digital and post-Internet problematic drawing on the state of screen culture, digitalization, and networked art. It calls on the