ApoE isoform-dependent changes in hippocampal synaptic function

  title={ApoE isoform-dependent changes in hippocampal synaptic function},
  author={Kimberly M Korwek and Justin H. Trotter and Mary Jo Ladu and Patrick M Sullivan and Edwin J. Weeber},
  journal={Molecular Neurodegeneration},
  pages={21 - 21}
The lipoprotein receptor system in the hippocampus is intimately involved in the modulation of synaptic transmission and plasticity. The association of specific apoE isoform expression with human neurodegenerative disorders has focused attention on the role of these apoE isoforms in lipoprotein receptor-dependent synaptic modulation. In the present study, we used the apoE2, apoE3 and apoE4 targeted replacement (TR) mice along with recombinant human apoE isoforms to determine the role of apoE… CONTINUE READING