Aplicabilidade do índice de risco do sistema NNIS na predição da incidência de infecção do sítio cirúrgico (ISC) em um hospital universitário no sul do Brasil

  title={Aplicabilidade do {\'i}ndice de risco do sistema NNIS na prediç{\~a}o da incid{\^e}ncia de infecç{\~a}o do s{\'i}tio cir{\'u}rgico (ISC) em um hospital universit{\'a}rio no sul do Brasil},
  author={Paulo Fontoura Freitas and Maria L{\'e}a Campos and Zulmira Miotello Cipriano},
BACKGROUND:The NNIS risk index has been largely recommended because it consists of a simple additive scale. Nevertheless, it has been seldom validated in populations other than the NNIS participating hospitals OBJECTIVES: To investigate the occurrence of Surgical Site Infection ( SSI ) using the traditional variables of the NNIS Index, and to approach the suitability of this methodology when applied to a smaller public university hospital (HU/UFSC) in Florianopolis, South Brazil. METHODS: A… CONTINUE READING

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