Aplastic anemia in Brazil: incidence and risk factors.

  title={Aplastic anemia in Brazil: incidence and risk factors.},
  author={Eliane M C P Maluf and Ricardo Pasquini and Jose N Eluf and Judith F Kelly and David W Kaufman},
  journal={American journal of hematology},
  volume={71 4},
This study is the first large-scale epidemiological investigation of acquired aplastic anemia (AAA) in South America. The objective was to estimate the incidence and to identify risk factors for AAA in Brazil. A national case-control study was conducted to investigate the risk factors for the disease. One hundred twenty-five cases and 129 controls were included. Multiple logistic regression was used in the estimation of odds ratios (OR) to control confounding. The size of Brazil made it… CONTINUE READING

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