Apie lietuvių asmenvardžių su kamienais žyg- ir žy-m- raidą

  title={Apie lietuvių asmenvard{\vz}ių su kamienais {\vz}yg- ir {\vz}y-m- raidą},
  author={Daiva Sinkevi{\vc}iūtė},
ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF LITHUANIAN NAMES WITH žyg- AND ž y-m- STEMS Summary The mixing of the Lithuanian compound name Žyg ( i ) mantas with a Christian name Zigmantas changed first stem of the compound name from žyg - into zyg - and zig -. It is thought, that the Lithuanian name changed, because its structure is similar to the said Christian name. The variated letters and at the beginning of the word, and also the varying and were factors, that influenced the mixing of different personal names… Expand