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Aphrodisiac activity of Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex Don extract in male mice.

  title={Aphrodisiac activity of Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex Don extract in male mice.},
  author={P. Kumar and A. Subramoniam and P. Pushpangadan},
  journal={Indian Journal of Pharmacology},
Objective: To study the effect of V. tessellata on the sexual behaviour of male mice and general toxicity, if any, in mice. Methods: An aqueous suspension (2 g/kg, wet wt.) or extract (water or alcohol, 200 mg/kg) of root, flower or leaf of V. tessellata was administered ( p.o.) to male mice and 1 hr, after administration their mounting behaviour was observed. The most active extract (alcohol extract of flower) was administered (50 or 200 mg/kg, p.o.) to different groups of male mice and… Expand

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