Aperture alignment in autocollimator-based deflectometric profilometers.

  title={Aperture alignment in autocollimator-based deflectometric profilometers.},
  author={Ralf D. Geckeler and Nikolay A. Artemiev and S. K. Barber and Alexander Just and Ian Lacey and Olaf Kranz and Brian V. Smith and Valeriy V. Yashchuk},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={87 5},
During the last ten years, deflectometric profilometers have become indispensable tools for the precision form measurement of optical surfaces. They have proven to be especially suitable for characterizing beam-shaping optical surfaces for x-ray beamline applications at synchrotrons and free electron lasers. Deflectometric profilometers use surface slope (angle) to assess topography and utilize commercial autocollimators for the contactless slope measurement. To this purpose, the autocollimator… CONTINUE READING