Aperture Coupled H Shape Miniature Patch Antenna

  • Wu Bi-yan
  • Published 2007 in
    2007 International Conference on Wireless…


H shape patch antenna is very promising for the miniaturization of microstrip antennas in microwave and milli wave communication. In this paper we simulate aperture coupled H shape microstrip patch antenna by HFSS and analyze the resonance frequency and its miniaturation principle based on Transmission Line theory. With increasing of the W1/W2, resonant frequency is lower, so the patch size reduce 30%. However, the frequency changes nonlinearly with the increase of L1/L2. As to the coupling aperture, the H shape design can effectively increase the antennas bandwidth. At last, a 0.5 cm*0.5 cm*0.7 cm antenna made of FR4 circuit board with a resonance frequency of 1.89GHz and 10dB impedance bandwidth of 3.1% verify these conclusion effectively.

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