Aperiodic conformal reflectarrays


We introduce a new class of reflectarrays, namely, the aperiodic conformal reflectarrays, aimed at exploiting, as much as possible, the available degrees of freedom of the radiating structure, such as positions, orientations and characteristics of the radiating elements and the shape of the reflecting surface. A synthesis technique is outlined, properly… (More)

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@article{Capozzoli2011AperiodicCR, title={Aperiodic conformal reflectarrays}, author={Amedeo Capozzoli and Claudio Curcio and Angelo Liseno and M. Migliorelli and Giovanni Toso}, journal={2011 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (APSURSI)}, year={2011}, pages={361-364} }