Apathy in first episode psychosis patients: one year follow up.

  title={Apathy in first episode psychosis patients: one year follow up.},
  author={Ann Faerden and Arnstein Finset and Svein P I Friis and Ingrid Agartz and Elizabeth Ann Barrett and Ragnar Nesv{\aa}g and Ole A. Andreassen and Stephen R Marder and Ingrid Melle},
  journal={Schizophrenia research},
  volume={116 1},
INTRODUCTION This study describes how the negative subsyndrome of apathy develops over the first year in first episode psychosis (FEP) patients, with an emphasis on the prevalence of enduring apathy and the relationship between apathy, other symptoms and functioning. METHODS Eighty four FEP patients were assessed both at baseline and after one year with the abridged clinical version of the Apathy Evaluation Scale (AES-C-Apathy). Other symptoms were assessed with the Positive and Negative… CONTINUE READING