Apagoge, Endeixis and Ephegesis against Kakourgoi, Atimoi and Pheugontes: A Study in the Athenian Administration of Justice in the Fourth Century B.C.

  title={Apagoge, Endeixis and Ephegesis against Kakourgoi, Atimoi and Pheugontes: A Study in the Athenian Administration of Justice in the Fourth Century B.C.},
  author={Ronald S. Stroud and Mogens Herman Hansen and Jorgen Raphaelsen and Sonja Holboll},
  journal={The American Historical Review},
Exile and the political cultures of the Greek polis, c. 404-146 BC
This thesis uses the evidence for a wide range of phenomena relating to the exile of citizens, by judicial decision or through stasis, to investigate the political cultures of Greek poleis in the
Trauma ek pronoias in Athenian law*
Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive study of the offence of trauma ek pronoias(intentional wounding) in Athenian law. Part I catalogues every occurrence of the words τραùμα and τιρώσκω in
Parent Abusers, Military Shirkers, and Accused Killers: the Authenticity of the Second Law Inserted at Dem. 24.105
I examine the second of two laws that are inserted into Dem. 24.105. The first (commonly referred to as a ‘law on theft’ and which I designate ‘105A’) deals with the recovery of lost or stolen
Against Aristogeiton : A Reconsideration
This article discusses the problem of the authorship of Against Aristogeiton I of the Demosthenic corpus (or. 25). Its authenticity has been questioned since antiquity, and thus a list is provided
Legal Self–Help on Private Property in Classical Athens
high degree of responsibility private citizens bore for initiating, conducting, and executing the judgments of legal actions.1 In the absence of a public prosecutor or an active police force,
“Living as One Wishes” in Athens: The (Anti-)Democratic Polemics
IN THE LONG-RUNNING DEBATE about Greek political ideals and the extent of individual liberty in the Athenian democracy, scholars have taken numerous positions, not infrequently founded upon
From exile of citizens to deportation of non-citizens: ancient Greece as a mirror to illuminate a modern transition
This article is an ancient Greek historian's response to an invitation to reflect upon modern liberal democratic deportation. The article identifies a revealing contrast between ancient Greek
Draft evasion onstage and offstage in classical Athens
In time of war Athens required citizens who could afford armour and weapons to serve as hoplites, if called upon; at the time of the Peloponnesian War, some 18,000–24,000 men were eligible for
im antiken Griechenland
  • Adriaan Lanni
  • History
    Handbuch zur Geschichte der Konfliktlösung in Europa
  • 2021
Sparring partners: fraternal relations in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes
Discusses the presentation of conflict and modes of conflict-resolution in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes.