Aorto-caval fistulas: a review of eighteen years experience.

  title={Aorto-caval fistulas: a review of eighteen years experience.},
  author={Ilijas S. Cinara and Lazar B. Davidovi{\'c} and Dusan M. Kostic and Slobodan Cvetkovic and Nenad S. Jakovljevic and Igor Koncar},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Belgica},
  volume={105 6},
The operative treatment of 26 aorto-caval fistulas during the last 18 years is reviewed (24 male and two female patients; average of 65.3 year). Out of 1698 cases presenting an abdominal aortic aneurysm, 406 presented with rupture, and 26 had aorto caval fistula. In 24 cases (92.3%) it concerned an atherosclerotic aneurysm. One aneurysm with aorto-caval fistula was secondary to abdominal blunt trauma (3.8%), and one due to iatrogenic injury (3.8%). The time interval between first clinical signs… CONTINUE READING


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