Aortic origin of innocent murmurs.

  title={Aortic origin of innocent murmurs.},
  author={Paul D. Stein and Hani N. Sabbah},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={39 5},
Intraarterial sound was measured just distal to the aortic and pulmonary valves of 10 subjects with no apparent valve disease. Six patients had no audible murmur; four had grade 1 to 2 innocent murmurs. At rest, during normal sinus rhythm, the intensity of intraarterial sound was greater above the aortic than above the pulmonary valve (0.41+/-0.14 versus 0.02+/-0.01 ergs/sec per cm2 [mean+/-standard error of the mean]) (P less than 0.02). In all patients with an audible murmur, the murmur was… CONTINUE READING

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