Aortic calcification as a predictor of cardiovascular mortality.

  title={Aortic calcification as a predictor of cardiovascular mortality.},
  author={Jacqueline C. M. Witteman and Frans J. Kok and Jan L. C. M. van Saase and Hans A. Valkenburg},
  volume={2 8516},
Since aortic calcification is seen on X-rays of the prelumbar region in many patients, its relation with cardiovascular disease (CVD) was investigated in a prospective study in The Netherlands. X-rays were taken of 1359 men and 1598 women, in 1975-78. In the subsequent 9 years, 50 men and 33 women died from CVD. The prevalence of aortic calcification was about 10% in middle-aged subjects and rose with age to a maximum of 45% in men and 75% in women. Aortic calcification was associated with a… CONTINUE READING