Aortic aneurysm: a multifocal disease. Presidential address.

  title={Aortic aneurysm: a multifocal disease. Presidential address.},
  author={E. S. Crawford and Eric D. Cohen},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={117 11},
A review of 1,510 patients treated for aortic aneurysms at all levels found that 191 (12.6%) had multiple ones. More than half of those with thoracic aneurysms had other lesions, and 12% of those with abdominal aneurysms had thoracic aneurysms. Abdominal lesions were the most common secondary lesions in the former group. Early results of treatment varied with method: 90% survived when both aneurysms were treated at one operation; 84%, when operations were staged; and 80% when operation was… CONTINUE READING