Anytime Guarantees for Reachability in Uncountable Markov Decision Processes

  title={Anytime Guarantees for Reachability in Uncountable Markov Decision Processes},
  author={Kush Grover and Jan Křet{\'i}nsk{\'y} and Tobias Meggendorfer and Maximilian Weininger},
  booktitle={International Conference on Concurrency Theory},
We consider the problem of approximating the reachability probabilities in Markov decision processes (MDP) with uncountable (continuous) state and action spaces. While there are algorithms that, for special classes of such MDP, provide a sequence of approximations converging to the true value in the limit, our aim is to obtain an algorithm with guarantees on the precision of the approximation. As this problem is undecidable in general, assumptions on the MDP are necessary. Our main contribution… 

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