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Any quantum state can be cloned in the presence of closed timelike curves

  title={Any quantum state can be cloned in the presence of closed timelike curves},
  author={Doyeol Ahn and Timothy C. Ralph and Robert B. Mann},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
The possible existence of closed timelike curves (CTCs) draws attention to fundamental questions about what is physically possible and what is not. An example is the "no cloning theorem" in quantum mechanics, which states that no physical means exists by which an unknown arbitrary quantum state can be reproduced or copied perfectly. Using the Deutsch approach, we show here that this theorem can be circumvented in the presence of closed timelike curves, allowing the cloning of an unknown… Expand
Causality violation and nonlinear quantum mechanics
It is currently unknown whether the laws of physics permit time travel into the past. While general relativity indicates the theoretical possibility of causality violation, it is now widely acceptedExpand
CTC assisted PR box type correlation can lead to signaling
It is shown that there exist non-local correlations that respect no-signaling criterion, but violate Bell-type inequalities more than quantum-mechanical correlations, and can lead to signaling when at least one of the input bit has access to a word line along a closed time-like curve. Expand