Any Sound You Can Imagine: Making Music/Consuming Technology

  title={Any Sound You Can Imagine: Making Music/Consuming Technology},
  author={Paul E Theberge},
From the Publisher: Theberge places recent technological developments within a broad social and historical perspective to illuminate the changing relationships between musical concepts, styles, and technology. 
Sensible virtual selves: Bodies, instruments and the becoming-concrete of Music
This article employs the concept of ‘virtuality,’ as developed by Gilles Deleuze, to offer a new analysis of the relationship between musicians and their instruments. Other topics touched upon
The concert hall as a medium of musical culture: the technical mediation of listening in the 19th century
ideals like progress, happiness, and efficiency without realizing that our ideals have converged with the ideals of industrial capitalism. By virtue of its ability to “deliver the goods,” modern
Playing by eye
This dissertation deals with the culturally informed relationships between the visual and the aural in music making, with a particular attention for digital technologies. Using programs like
Deci-belles: Gender and Power in Sound Engineering for Popular Music in New Zealand
i Acknowledgements ii Figures vii
The Digitalization of Musical Instruments and Musical Practice
Facing the possibilities of digital music production and the Internet, the “digital revolution” promised to bring about new aesthetic possibilities as well as a democratization of music culture. How
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Focuses on the musical instrument that the people of Crete, Greece as the focus of intense musical creativity, negotiation and identity construction within contemporary Cretan society. Overview of a
Captivating Technologies: Reflections on the Equal-Tempered Diatonic Keyboard
The historical and conceptual givens underpinning today's fast-moving musico-technological innovation, and their social, ideological, aesthetic, and emotional relation to these technologies as consumers and producers, can illuminate larger aspects of their present technological mind set or imaginary.
'Feels like we only go backwards': nostalgia and contemporary retro rock music
handling of the genre through their favouring of evocative sound choices.
Sound, technology, and interpretation in subcultures of heavy music production
This dissertation documents and theorizes cases of 'heavy' music production in terms of their unique technological dispositions. The project puts media and cultural studies into conversation with
Live mediation: performing concerts using studio technology
Abstract The use of computers is continuously changing the sound of records but also increasingly challenging established forms of live concert aesthetics. So what becomes of creativity and


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Repeated Takes is the first general book on the history of the recording industry, covering the entire field from Edison's talking tin foil of 1877 to the age of the compact disc. Michael Chana
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