Anxiety of patients undergoing CT imaging-an underestimated problem?

  title={Anxiety of patients undergoing CT imaging-an underestimated problem?},
  author={Christoph Malte Heyer and Johannes Th{\"u}ring and Stefan P. Lemburg and Nina Kreddig and Monika Ilona Hasenbring and Martha Dohna and Volkmar Nicolas},
  journal={Academic radiology},
  volume={22 1},
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Prospective evaluation of anxiety in patients undergoing computed tomography (CT) imaging using a standardized state-trait anxiety inventory (STAI-S) and identification of possible risk factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS During a 9-month interval, patients undergoing CT were questioned using STAI-S. Additionally, 10 questions concerning specific procedure-related features (claustrophobia, radiation, administration of contrast, and so forth) were added. Moreover, sex, age… CONTINUE READING