Anwendung von Plane-sweep Verfahren bei der Layouterzeugung integrierter Schaltungen

  title={Anwendung von Plane-sweep Verfahren bei der Layouterzeugung integrierter Schaltungen},
  author={Ulrich Lauther},
  booktitle={GI Jahrestagung},
  • U. Lauther
  • Published in GI Jahrestagung 1984
  • Computer Science
Zunachst wird auf die Bedeutung des Kanal-Verdrahtungsproblems fur die automatische Entflechtung von VLSI-Schaltungen und auf Losungsverfahren eingegangen. Dann wird das Grundprinzip von Plane-sweep-Verfahren erlautert, die bislang vor allem in der Layoutanalyse eingesetzt wurden. Schlieslich wird die Anwendung des Plane-sweep-Prin-zips auf Channelrouter erlautert. 
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It is shown that an efficient optimal algorithm for interconnecting two rows of points across an intervening channel is unlikely to exist by establishing that this problem is NP-complete.

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A new routing algorithm is presented, which is an improved version of the classical "left edge algorithm", which uses a row by row approach, calculating an optimum net assignment to each row.

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Two new algorithms merge nets instead of assigning horizontal tracks to individual nets to route a specified net list between two rows of terminals across a two-layer channel in the layout design of LSI chips.

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The graph problem underlying the constraint generation for VLSI circuit compaction is defined and efficient, i.e., O(nlogn) time algorithms for the generation of constraint systems that allow to change the layout topology during the conpaction in order to yield good compaction results are developed.

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The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new wire routing method for two layer printed circuit boards based on the newly developed channel assignment algorithm and requires many via holes.

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An O(N log N) algorithm is given to determine whether any two intersect and use it to detect whether two simple plane polygons intersect and to show that the Simplex method is not optimal.

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Algorithms that count the number of pairwise intersections among a set of N objects in the plane and algorithms that report all such intersections are given.

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